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Stream deck provides you with a unique opportunity to create as many channels as you need. Have your own TV Network! Our built-in GUIDE will showcase all of them in a single screen along with their daily schedules, just like a cable TV guide. Your viewers can easily switch between channels without leaving the page. All you need is to create a free account with a channel on Stream deck and to subscribe to a proper plan. Streaming, on the other hand, refers to the process of continuously transmitting data in real-time, rather than sending discrete messages. This is commonly used for media streaming, such as streaming audio or video content over the internet.


A channel schedule refers to a predetermined plan of programming for a TV channel or a streaming service. It is a timetable that outlines the time slots and duration of each program that will be aired on the channel. In traditional TV broadcasting, channel schedules are typically published in TV guides and newspapers, and viewers can tune in to a particular channel at a specific time to watch their favorite programs. With the rise of streaming services, channel schedules have become more flexible, and viewers can often watch their preferred content on demand at any time. Channel schedules are created by broadcasters or streaming services to manage their programming and ensure a diverse range of content is available for viewers. They typically include a mix of live events, news programs, original productions, and syndicated content.


EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. It is a digital guide that provides a list of television programs and their air times. EPGs are commonly used in cable and satellite TV systems and streaming services to help viewers navigate and find the programs they want to watch. EPGs typically display a grid of TV channels and their programming schedules for a specific period, such as the current day or week. They may include information such as the program title, synopsis, genre, and rating, as well as the start and end times, episode number, and other relevant details. EPGs can be accessed through the TV interface or a separate application or website. They are usually interactive, allowing viewers to navigate through the channels and programs and filter by genre, time, or other criteria.

Features of Streaming App:

Add Schedule

Programme Schedule means an advance plan of radio or television programmes to be broadcast usually published in the media specifying the names of programmes and their broadcasting time.We can create a specific schedule within a time period to see shows, movies etc. and also you can edit schedule anytime if you want.

Add Channel

In these features, you can create a channel and create a specific schedule within a time period to see shows, movies etc.

Set Remainder

If in case you can't see the shows on a proper schedule time, that time you can see this show in upcoming and outgoing programs schedule.

Play & Pause video

You can not pause the video.

High video Quality

You see the shows or movies in several video qualities ranging from 4k quality to standard 240p as per user bandwidth with net connection.

User Profile

This user profile features Users can add the name, upload photo, choose preferred movies, shows files etc. and upload it.

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the schedule of a channel, you should go to the schedule list page. You can see the schedule for the next two days and the previous two days.

You can select any channel in the live TV section or any live program to view it live on your device.

You can visit schedule list page.

Yes, you can select any one of the following quality settings available under the settings option. These options are available on the video player as well.

*High – Gives best quality as per your network speeds.

*Normal – Limits​ your video quality to medium, even if your network speeds allow for better viewing quality to save data.​

* Low – Limits​ your video quality to low even if your network speeds allow for better viewing quality to save data.​

No. You can watch the video as many times as you wish.